The Village Rockers is a music club that will meet weekly, bringing together musicians, singers and spectators interested in rock and roll music of the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

Our application was submitted to the Villages Recreation Department the middle of February 2020; unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic has delayed issuance of any new club charters.

Since then, we have had over 200 requests for membership.

Awaiting a post-COVID charter as a "Resident Lifestyle Club", we will be open to all Villagers who appreciate rock and roll music of this era.

Jimi Hendrix

During our weekly meeting, we will feature and perform songs from individuals, groups and bands that we listened to, danced to and loved. There will be a moderated discussion and we may even enjoy videos suggested or provided by club members.
Prior to the meetings, club members will be allowed to identify, by email submissions, their favorite songs via Youtube videos, Wikipedia links, sheet music or other Internet music sites.
Then, we intend to email a weekly "assignment" sheet to each member, listing the songs that will be played by those in attendance. The assignment will show the Youtube links thru which we can become intimately familiar with each piece.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury
During the meeting, after listening to an assigned song, we will, as a group, perform the piece, sometimes playing the song multiple times -- just to enjoy, and get it right.
Musicians of all abilities will be encouraged to bring their instruments and sit in with us. We will welcome all instrumentalists - predominately guitarists and bass players, percussionists, and electric pianos/organs.
Depending on the venue, and the songs, we may even allow other instruments - saxophone, trombone, trumpet, etc.
To control the volume, electronic drum kits are preferred. However, we will allow acoustic drum kits that are dampened to an acceptable level, see this page.
Amplified instruments will be limited to simple, single speaker (pignose) style amplifiers, see examples here. The sound level of the performance will be STRICTLY monitored click here and offenders will be asked to turn down their output, or leave.
Of course, we want singers, individually and in groups. As of this writing, at least one PA system has been offered for our use.

Our goal is to be "The Most Fun Music Club in The Villages!"

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